Monday, March 8, 2010

Music =Places and dont forget put your whole mouth over the hole!!!

I have noticed lately I havent been doing any entries that reflect what is in my mind much. So I was just listening to some song and it made me think of all kinda songs that make me think of different places. I have a few songs that makes me think of certain places whether i have been there or not!!

This song makes me think of Brooklyn. I envision a small club with approx. 20 tables a bar and a stage and him singing on the stage.

This song reminds me of London. It is just fast and beautiful. I can see a group of us on the town just going pub crawling.

These songs reminds me of Europe in general (I never went so I am just going on what I see on TV). It also reminds me of California but there is another song that suits Cali more!!

This one is still Europe because I hear that Europeans are proud of their bodies and some of them are quite promiscuous. So this is also Europe!!

Now this one reminds me of California. Not just by the name but by the laid back sound of it. Sorry for you ppl in Cali but I never been there but with this song i see a bunch of stoners sitting on the bridge just relaxing. I also see people going into thrift stores and looking at clothes.

This song reminds me of NYC just soo much to see and soo much to experience. I envision that I am in a taxi and watching the skyscrapers and all the people going about their business. And NYC is the place that doesnt sleep and ppl come here to make it big. (sorry about the quality not my fault.

No I am not being racist but this reminds me of black Europe. Or maybe because I knew these dudes are European I just cant help think that!!

When I am off island this makes me feel like I am back in Antigua. CAAARRRRNNNIIIVVVAAALLL!!!!

These reminds me of Jamaica. Because Jamaica has so much Elements I will put dancehall, reggae, and one of my friends work.

These is Trinidad. There are two that remind me of Trini

This is Barbados. Even though i see Bajans as being very proud Allison made them seem very hospitable. (I kid you Bajans we still love you)Now when you get to the end of Faluma bear with me because they put Swinging Engine right after and it is not Bajan. It is an Antiguan song being sung by a Jamaican.

And to end this is a SONG I LOVE BECAUSE IT IS FUNNY!!!!


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