Monday, March 22, 2010

Videos and a lil article.

Now here are a few Videos That I had to share!!! HONESTLY THEY ARE SHARE WORTHY!!!

First I start with my home boi David Spates. Great comedian and he seems like a great and straight up guy!!!

Then I have this vid of Mr Michael Jai White. You might remember him from Why did I get married. But in this video all i can say is I would do him!!!! DAMN!!! {jizzz in my pants!!!!}

Now some trailers that caught my attention:

Eat Pray Love reminds me of what I want to do with myself. I am not too fond of having everything planned out just do things spontaniously. Even though I am not exactly like this where I always have a bf (I am the complete opposite I never had a bf) But I want to spend a year or 2 just traveling the world and experiencing what it has to give. By doing this I would be able to find out who I really am. Which is a good question (a question I saw on my sister's blog
Ok here is the trailer.

Then there is this one because after doing Psych and now doing Abnormal Psych I have been interested in people with Personality disorders. This stands out alot in my mind and sometimes I think I do to but oh well here is the vid:

Oh I must admit that I have seen the new trailer for Predator and it looks good!!! I want to watch it. It kinda made me wanna jizz a lil. lol. And it had it Morpheous (I could never remember his name) but I will always visualize him as the cowboy from PeeWee Herman. But it looks good!!

This is for you sis!!! I know you love Quentin Tarantino and his movies and I know you have gained a new found respect for Lady Gaga. So when I had seen that Quentin wanted to use Gaga in his up coming movie I just had to share. The link is right here!!

Now after mentioning Pee Wee Herman I had to look him up and bring up a video from the archives. Here is Pee Wee's Morning. If this ever makes you wanna jizz in your pants please go and see a psychiatrist. You will need tons of Mental Attention!!!

And last but not least this is a cute video, it is 30 mins or around that and it is just soo cute!!! However you have to be over 18 to watch. Even though I know not much people read my stuff if there are any who are under 18.... sorry. There are other vids that you can watch here!!

Well I gonna go to bed now gotta wake up early in order to get to class early!!


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