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Cloves: Fashion Strategies to looking Thinner

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Selecting the appropriate wardrobe and wearing it correctly
is the secret weapon to giving the illusion of looking thinner. "The body is a sculpture, and you
can shape it and visually reshape it, depending on your objectives." (Linda Arroz)

Assessing Body Shape or Type
Men and women should first assess their body shape unclothed in
front of the mirror. Analyzing the proportion between one’s top
and bottom half, and assessing bone structure, such as shoulder width,
neck length, and width of hips. These areas are the keys to balancing body figure or type. Achieving proportion involves choosing styles that minimize the larger or less flattering portion of one’s body while maximizing the leaner more flattering body portion. It is wise to choose clothes for body shape or body type.

Slimming Fashions for Those Who are Heavier on the Top:

People with this body type should wear loose fitting tops that taper
in gradually to hug the waist and hips. Clothes made of cotton, jersey
or other thin fabrics are good choices because they won’t add bulk. One
colour choice for the entire outfit, from top to shoes, will give the
illusion of leaner length. Jackets should be without shoulder pads.
Skirts with pleats tend to draw the eye down to the lower half.

Fashion Strategies for Those Who are Heavier on the Bottom:

People with this body type should wear tops with small shoulder pads
to help balance out the frame. Fabrics with vertical lines or patterns
are flattering to those who are heavier on the bottom. Prints should
only be worn on the top. Long jackets and tops that go past the hips
help to conceal heavier bottoms. Jackets, suits, or shirtwaist dresses
in straight, classic styles and cuts are most flattering to this body

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