Sunday, April 4, 2010

Uni Friends!!!

OK I havent gone to bed as yet but I am going to go as soon as soon as I finish this blog!!!

I always have my radio on because I have no TV and for the whole night they have been playing music which reminds me of movies like "Nick and Norah's infinite playlist" and some of the other movies where people are interacting with interesting people when they are with their friends. If you never saw Nick and Norah here is the trailer:

Or even Juno. All I need is a friend to be loafing with and watching random movies or shows!!! I never saw some of my friends as close friends until they do something that classifies as sooo cool (or fulfilling one of the things I want to experience). Well 2008 when I was a Junior and my friends D and Bo would come to my room and just chill out and shit that was fun!!! Then when I got the DVDs for Noah's ARC and Queer as Folk

This is a preview of the first Episode I might actually consider buying the entire 4 seasons

This is a very explicit part of the movie (dont watch if you are against guys making out)

Those were some really good days. When you have friends in Uni that is the best part of the entire experience. Oh well.

Then after D left me and Bo to go down south. Me and Bo went and partied it up some and I finally got my chance to go to a gay club!!! WOW!!! But yea!!!

I gonna go and hit the sack before I find something to distract me from the comfort of my bed again.


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