Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tooo much stress for one class

Ok now the feeling of impending doom has passed. I still slightly feel like I am responsible for the disasters in the kitchen.
However right now a fellow classmate is going into her Chef position tomorrow and she is being given numerous reasons to stress out. Her partner, the actual menu day fears, and the risk of losing staff members. I swear this class isnt worth the stress but It sure teaches us that not everything is perfect. You can plan till you start to lose brain matter and that is when it is likely to fail. When there is very little room for error, error finds its way in. Plus working with people it can be very difficult. I personally have to look at myself and re-evaluate what kind of leader I am going to be because if I am the type of leader I was yesterday I will have numerous breakdowns when I feel like I haven't done the best I could.
In a few minutes it will be 23 days till I am walking and getting out of this place. But then I would be entering the scary work world.

Well I am out gotta get this project done ;)


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