Thursday, April 1, 2010


I am soo far over the hill that I am at the bottom of the other side.
One man's sunset is another man's sunrise.

These are some quotes that I heard in the movie Fievel: Goes West. If you never heard of it dont worry I never heard of it until earlier this week. It is a cute movie and I will put the first part of the movie up here so If you want to watch the whole thing you can just keep going through the parts. (1-8)

It was no Anastasia nor Aristocats. But it was a cute movie. In my Food Management class some of the ppl asked what was everyone's favorite cartoon and alot of people said Fievel. So I looked it up and I have seen the lil mouse before but I never saw the movie.
If you dont know Fievel this is him:
And this is the trailer:

And this is part 1:


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