Sunday, April 4, 2010

Norah Jones Easter Sunday!!

This one is for you Kim, I remember that you said that you cant focus on a song if the video is very complicated. This video allows you to try to put the pictures to the words.



Well today is Easter Sunday and I don't really care!!! It is just another day. And I am all alone. But I don't care or mind. OHHHH I got me a Snuggie. I gave in. I was tired of the late night seizures from the cold. But No one knows about them because my door is usually closed and I am quiet. Just a few more weeks 7!!! Then I can say Farewell to this place which had soo much possibility. :)

Snuggies are really nice. I went to sleep with it over me and my comforter over it and i didnt even want to get out of bed to use the bathroom. Something I will enjoy when i go home :) So Kim if you bring your snuggie we can give RI, and Boston a Snuggie Invasion!!!

OHHH I don't know what drew me to checking my FB today at that exact time of my life, but when I looked I saw that my friend Shakespeare (Kim you know just add the first name) became friends with someone that I rarely even remember when I look back into my past. She doesn't even appear as a blip on my Fun Times radar which is a shame. ... OK no it isn't. CHRISTINE ANDREW is officially a member of FB and I went on her page. I didn't even feel compelled to add her. lol.

Well I am going to go and lie down and hope sleep comes since I took a 4 hr nap this evening. From 5 to9. greeaaattt!!!

Enjoy your Easter, Even though I not too big on it. Well i don't really believe in it, oh well!!


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