Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Phone Blog!!!

I swear when i see people in a play and then see them in person i am tempted to say hi like i actually know them but i just know their character. Lol. Just had to post this up cause i found it funny that i am on my way to class and this dude that was in the play on sunday came onto the bus and i was almost going to tell him hi. Luckily this time my memory wasnt too far behind my face recognition. But i think that is why i wouldnt wanna meet an actor cause u never know what the really are like (unless u meet them in person and didnt know they were an actor and got to know their personality. Oh well. The dude on the bus right now is cute as hell and he is from hawaii. Ok i think this is long enough. I thinkwhen i come home i will label this: Phone Blog!!!
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