Monday, April 5, 2010

Cloves: Tips on How to Look Taller with your Clothes

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Another Cloves Fashion Article:

Most of us specially woman, no matter what our height, want to look taller. Also being taller makes your body slimmer and sexier. And believe it or not you can do it at your own with just some easy-to-do clothing tricks. Just follow these simple tips to achieve at least a 1 – 2 inches added to you height.
Tip No.1 – Wear clothes at the same family of colours.
This tip is very effective to look taller. Wear an organize colour of clothes from head to toe. Dark colours are best in this kind of trick. Black and brown together is just fine. But to achieve optimum result, wear with the same colour of clothes. I know you might be thinking that you may look boring with your monochromatic clothes. If your not comfortable on this, my best tip for you is to try add some accessories to accentuate your look. Just add some textures that can highlight your appearance. Possibilities are endless.

Tip No.2 – Add some Vertical Lines Pattern on your look.
This is the most popular and well known tip I know to look taller. Vertical stripes not only make you look taller, but they make you look slimmer as well. Just be creative on wearing them and don’t over do it. Thankfully colourful striped clothes are very trendy nowadays so don’t hesitate to wear some.

Tip No.3 – Choose clothes that fits right on your body
Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight on your body. This will only make you look much shorter because you are just exposing the true frame of your body. Buy a size of your clothes that fits on your body well, not the one that literally just exact for you. Don’t be afraid of loose clothing because it won’t make you appear smaller but instead it does the opposite. It has a much more slimming effect and also will add height on you.

Tip No.4 – The V-Neck Illusion
Wearing V-Neck clothes can make your neck look longer, consequently making an illusion that you look taller. It does not only make you taller but wearing these clothes also makes you look sexier and slimmer. Just be careful on the colour that you will wear.

As you can see, altitude has a lot to do with attitude, and just choosing the right clothes can really help to boost your height. As a summary, before you buy some clothes, consider the size, colour, patterns and the style of it. Just be creative and confident in wearing those as a foundation in looking gorgeous. Finally as my last tip, hang out with people shorter than you! Enjoy!

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