Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Harvard Sailing Team - Girls Will Be Boys

This is sooo cool and then I found the response and reblogged it on my new site ;) check the response here!!!

Plus I must tell you now that I have decided to try something new. Because I am always checking my google reader and reading all the blogs i follow I have wanted to repost somehting i saw or just comment and when some of the ppl I follow are on tumblr I cant comment :( SO i opened up a new blog site and now i have blogger (which has everything I want and need to talk about) then i have tumblr which is mostly reblogs and me commenting on other ppl's stuff!!! So if you want you can check it out, If you are on my fb you will see updates cause i linked my tumblr to my fb. I did this blog on fb once but got ragged on because of one of my rants. Soooo yea!!!! Check out my tumblr here

So enjoy this:


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