Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Few movies to add to my list!!!

:D hola

I have come across a few movies that i want to watch (doesnt need to be at the cinema). A few of them I can wait for them to come out on HBO but others are sooner than later worthy. Well I gonna just lay them all out for you!!!

Ondine (kinda reminds me of Ponyo but darker and not in cartoon form)

Get Low (seems like it has a very interesting plot)

Just Wright (hell anything with Queen Latifah is worth watching, and Common looks sexy as hell!!!! )

HIGH School (just to see what the hell it is about)

Easy A (Emma Stone is a really good actress so also to see what it is about and enjoy it )

Reign of Assassins (I love martial arts movies)

Well that is it for now!!!


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