Sunday, April 4, 2010


I have always looked for this movie and I finally remembered who was the lead actor of the Movie and googled it!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The name of the movie is Fear!!!! Most people know Mark Wahlberg through the Borne Movies (Identity, Supremacy, and Ultimatum) But this movie is the first time I saw Wahlberg and fell in love with his acting skills. Here is the summary:

On the surface, the Walkers were a picture perfect family. Steve had a great job as an architect and a beautiful house in Seattle overlooking a lake. His new wife, Laura, loved him very much. Toby, her young son, looked up to him like his own father. And Nicole, his 16-year old daughter, meant the world to him. As Steve would be the first to admit, it was almost the perfect life. Until one day when Nicole went to a party at a local rave club with her best friend Margo and met a young man named David. Written by Anonymous

Nicole is a 16 year old girl who like most teenage girls, likes to have fun. When she and her best friend, Margo, go out to a party one night, Nicole meets the handsome and mysterious David, who she ends up getting together with. After a couple of weeks, Nicole realises that David is becoming really possessive and he gets very jealous when she talks to other guys and not telling him where she's going, etc. David even beats up one of Nicole's male friends because he's seen walking Nicole home. When Nicole ends up breaking up with David, he's obviously not happy about this and does everything to try and get her back, when that doesn't work, he and a bunch of his thug friends break into Nicole's home, which leads to some nasty consequences. Written by Saumil Mehta

When all Nicole wants is to meet prince charming she and her best friend Margo go to the club largo to meet David while her friend meets his friend. So when they both are dating the two of them Nicole and David fall in love until one day she follows David home to see him raping her best friend, she doesn't want to talk to him anyone and his love for her turns into a deadly obsession Written by mesa witiak

and here is the trailer

The thing is this movie came out when I was 9. However I saw it on one of those Network Stations (TBS, WGN, USA,etc)

Man If I can get this movie right now I would bye it:)


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