Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stereo typical Black people

Hey hey hey!!!

Now I dont know if yall can tell from my random thoughts and so forth that I am a black girl, but it does hurt me when this gyal here is what the STEREOTYPICAL BLACK PERSON goes on like!!!

Yall probably saw this video before and is like .... uhhhh dumb bitch!!!

Now I came across the "Soulja Girl Mom Speaks" Video and I am like ... seriously???

Now tell me why the hell do they got so much bi-polar and depressed hood rats running around the place. At home the kids would get a smack across their face if they ever go on like that. But nooooo she is "Bi-Polar" and "Depressed"!!!! I am doing Psych classes and i know that it is a serious condition to have, But when you know your daughter got a tendency to act a fool like this you should have known to reign this bitch in and find some way of controlling her.

But ok lets give this chick the benefit of the doubt, she was going through Mania here and had no control over her reactions!!! BUT What gives the rest of the hood rats of America's slums to go on like that??? You gonna tell me all of them are "Bi-Polar" and "Depressed" wtf!!!! I done with that issue!!!

Now yesterday my 2 roommates were discussing different fast food places and I said all we got is KFC and Subway and then they started a discussion on how they dont like KFC and I had to set them straight that KFC in Antigua is better than any KFC in any part of America. Then they corrected themselves and said they dont like Fried Chicken. Then it dawned on me about the Stereo Type of Black People loving Fried Chicken. Now lets take a look at the scenario:

Antigua = tons of Black people
Fried Chicken = loved by Black people
KFC = provides Fried Chicken

so KFC, (who provides) Fried Chicken, (which is loved by Black people) to Antiguans (tons of Black people)

NOW I SEE WHY KFC is soo thriving in Antigua!!! And is the best!!!



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