Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cloves : Florals

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Every year around this time, floral prints start to emerge on the fashion scene. It seems as if when warmer weather begins to hit, the need to “lighten up” our style comes along with it. Most of us start highlighting our hair, wearing pastels, and embracing a girlier, more feminine aesthetic. Floral prints are a great incarnation of this feminine spring style, and lucky for us, they’re super trendy!
Whether you choose a floral print dress, leggings, or a pretty floral top, there are plenty of opportunities to add some flower power to your spring look. This guide will show you how!
General Tips for Wearing Floral Print

Pick a size. We’ve all seen traditional “ditsy” floral print–dainty, feminine, and totally classic. While this look will continue to be popular, this season you can also expect to see a more contemporary take–large, statement-making graphic florals, on tops and dresses. Middle-of-the-road kind of girl? Mid-range floral might be your thing! Expect to see medium-sized floral prints on leggings and patterned tights.
Make a statement. Floral print accessories are a great way to try the floral print trend as seasons transition. A floral print umbrella or pair of shoes will brighten up your day without looking over-the-top. If you’re wary of this trend, try incorporating it into your outfit in a statement accessory piece–you’ll make an impact, but it will still be subtle!

Outfit Inspiration
1. Go girly. Floral print is a definite staple in the girly-girl closet: think Lilly Pulitzer meets Vera Bradley. If southern-inspired style isn’t your thing, you can still create a totally girly look by picking up your favorite skirts, dresses, and blouses in tiny floral prints. Traditionally girly styles are made even more feminine with the addition of this fun print.
2. Go edgy. With the right outfit, floral print can also have an edgy feel. Instead of picking dainty pastel florals, try a larger print in darker colors. As a bonus, these darker florals can be worn into cooler seasons, too! Another way to give your floral look an edgier vibe is to pair a feminine floral with tougher accessories. Think a floral print dress with a leather jacket and oxfords, or floral print leggings and a black tunic. Mix and match for a look that’s all your own!

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