Monday, April 19, 2010



I seriously dont know what that feels like anymore.


Cause I am numb. I have no feeling for anything.
I dont wanna do school work anymore. I havent even felt like blogging :'(

But noooo dont show anyone how empty I feel inside. Noooooo.

They could care less about my problems.

"I am here if you wanna talk." but you dont really care. hell you dont even understand.

Maybe that is why I try and hurt myself everyday in subtle ways that no one notices.

Maybe I do it to feel something.

But I should stop complaining cause people have it worst.

SO I will keep it all bottled up and start another day just pretending to be happy :(

I said PReTEnD to be HapPY :)

Or at least pretend to be alive :|

Remember dont make anyone see the pain. DOnt show anyone.
It is a sign of weakness and the people will talk.

Or even worst JUDGE!
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