Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DAMNNN... totally scary... :(

OMFG!!!! OK My sis put up a few videos of a show "Jamie Oliver Eat to Save your Life". I shall place the videos below because I think they will be a motivational thing for me. During the videos I looked at my weight - presently after going to the Gym for like 3 weeks I have gone from 16 st 1lb to 15 st 5 lbs (almost one stone) which is pretty high for my height of 5'10" - 5'11". My BMI. OMFG my BMI. Presently if I lose 10 lbs more I will be back in the Overweight section. However I am in the Category 1 Obese. YES EFFING OBESE!! FUCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! My Grandma died from Diabetes, my dad is suffering from it (not really suffering it but he is struggling with it) and I if you look at the lineage I am next in line. FML. But the thing is if I am active (exercising or just doing work) I dont need to eat, my brain just doesnt think about it and I could just drink water or fruit juice and carry on with what I am doing. Maybe that is how I lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks. I have noticed that I dont eat much now adays (I know VERY VERY BAD) like today I had a potato skin, half a scoop of mashed potatoes, one biscuit, like a lil bit of scrambled egg and a drumstick (that is while i was in the kitchen for my class.) When I got home I had a yogurt and fruit cup mixed together, orange juice .... one 16 oz cup of unsweetened apple juice and now I am about to drink some water. GOSH talk about bad. But I have a scale and I weigh myself every other day in the morning so I get the proper weight.

OK let me stop talkin about myself I am bad to my body. My heart knows it my liver knows it (well i think it does) my colon sure does know it and my lungs know it. But I know that I will have to get more serious. Ok I might have to go and eat something ... maybe tuna... and corn lol

Ok seriously here are the videos.


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