Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Would I watch it?

I was lookin through my blogs and I saw my sis had put up a post about "if your life was a movie would you watch it?" (read it her's here). Now thinking about it if someone edited my life well and i mean lots of editing (taking out the times I am on the internet (which would be like a whole day) or just times when i am not around people or going places by myself) Yes I would watch it. But only with the editing. Other than that I wasted alot of time but I know that if I am with the right people I can have really good conversations or great adventures.

My sister also mentioned that she doesn't have much of a personality. I do wonder why we are cursed with this. I know that I am able to fit in with any group I am with. I would basically forget everything I have been used to doing with one group of people and do what the other group of people wants. But I have no specific personality except for being very extroverted when I am around people.

I should get out more though cause I dont do anything if I dont have people to do it with. Example the damn movies. If i dont have anyone to go with the cinema never see me :( But I will make an effort to go soon.

Well I gonna go and do other shit!!! Dont know what yet.

OHHH I am going to be a Maid of Honour at one of my friends wedding :D yay !!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!

Ok I am out


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