Friday, April 16, 2010

He's been thinking....

I know that I am guilty of this and I know a few other ladies who are guilty of this as well so I hope they take this to heart and incorporate the new wisdom they gained from this blog entry i found from one of the dudes i follow, Mr Smart Guy.

I've Been Thinking...

There are many good men
Hell I'm a great one
So why do women say
It's so hard to date one

Even more so harder to
Find one
That's respectful, faithful
And not mind dumb

So they sing spirituals
Odes and woes to being single
But how many times have
They allowed themselves to mingle

Ladies, do something different
Modify your priorities
To find the one
you feel is a minority

Now I'm not sayin' to change
From gospel to secular
But if eyes were opened
you'd see more on the regular.

The above poem popped into my head after a conversation with the fellas awhile back. We were sitting at a local watering hole, catching up on old times, discussing a myriad of things in the journey of catching up with one another. We hadn't seen each in quite some time so you can imagine there was a lot of banter going around.

All of sudden, we see a group of attractive young ladies, perhaps looking in our general direction. After quickly glancing back with our masculine glares, we definitely knew they were looking at us. It was at least six in their group and we had about five in ours. They were looking with urgency as if to implore us to come over. We continued to converse with one another; looking for signs that they wanted us in their company.

After about several minutes of stolen glances, we began to discuss the fact that these young women were obviously interested but yet they stayed glued to their chairs. The night went on and both of our parties went their respective ways but the remnants of that night clung to me.

Why DIDN'T those ladies approach US?

They were interested - at least seemingly so.

Why didn't they at least initiate conversation or even do something to make an opening for it? Perhaps they weren't as enthralled as we thought they were but I don't think that was the case.

My thought is that a lot of women are conditioned to having men approach them and this group was one of its disciples.

I know that some might be asking: what's wrong with that?
There's nothing wrong with it at all.

If that's your prerogative, feel free to sit back and wait on your knight in shining armor. Chances are he's not willing to fight through the angry pack of wolves (also known as your friends); just for the chance for you to possibly take his number.

I know some women believe that Mr. Right will fall into their laps, possibly through the law of averages and/or constant prayer. Perhaps, it might happen - but more than likely it won't. Think if you took that same approach with money.

I'm not going to work today.
God will send a blessing through the Lotto.

Odds are - with that logic, the only gambling will be done is to see which utility will be cut off first. But I digress...

Ladies, I implore you. If you want something, go for it. More than likely, a man won't reject you. In fact, he'll embrace your refreshing take on things. I know. I'm a man. Trust me.

Be very aware - we men are simple. We are not mind readers. Give us concise directions and the probability is - we'll follow them. If you leave us to ascertain your feelings, you'll probably end up like those slightly inebriated ladies at the bar - hanging with your girls.

That's my time.

Riddle me this: am I off-base on this assessment? What's your take on it?

Now seriously tell me what you think?


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