Sunday, April 11, 2010


I have always wondered what was my fascination with Rock and Roll and Psychopaths. Well there isnt much of a co-relation between the two easily. But I am a great fan of Rock and Roll and how it has such close relations to how I feel on a regular basis. However the main group that Has hit the nail on the head with my emotions is Linkin Park. Every time I feel misunderstood I can just listen to Linkin Park.

There is a song by Linkin Park that speaks about the conscience.

Well there are some people who dont have this "face". 4% of Americans are estimated not to have this "face" but It is one of the worst things that I have encountered and I am just amazed by people who are not faltered with this hindrance. I have always wondered what would happen if I didnt have a conscience. Hell I probably would have continued with my main career choice "Business Management." I have always seen my conscience as a hindrance. There are people out there that just deserve to be hurt. I will not share any examples by a few popped into my mind. That face in the back of my mind has always laughed at me and made me feel like I am inadequate. However, if asked if I had a choice of living with or without a conscience I would say I dont know. I would like to experience not having one for a short period to see if i would be less disappointed by people around me. I would rather be the one doing the disappointing that being disappointed on a regular basis.

You probably wondering why I am going off on this tangent but I just watched the movie that I have always loved in my whole life. FEAR!!! This dude is a serious psychopath who tried to care but after being disrespected he went back to his old ways.

My sister told me about the movie American Psycho and when I saw it I was even more intrigued. It may have freaked her out about how people thinking like that but it is beyond intriguing for me.

There are so much movies about Psychopaths and I just love them all. One that popped into my mind was the movie Funny Games:

It has the most twisted plot and It is not like any movie you have watched. But then again they are bringing out movies that is like no other movie you have watched (that is Human Centipede (yes Kim I brought it up) cause even though it freaked me out that someone even thought about it. This dude is lacking a conscience or else he wouldnt be able to carry out the acts in which he is doing on these unsuspecting people) Well Back to Funny Games: There is a scene in the movie where you would just be like ... what is going on... someone say something.... what the .... is this movie frozen or something wtf. YES exactly. I watched it online and was like ... uuuhhhh what. But I think that was to Bring the suspense. Seriously I would advise anyone who reads this blog to go and watch it!!! It is wicked twisted.

Then there is Wild Things which proves that you can never tell exactly who is the Psychopath in the whole group. Some people do it for a reason and justify the reason to their conscience for it to be seen as right. While other people are truly the heartless ones. If you have not seen that either GO AND WATCH IT!!! I have the DVD which shows how much I love it!!!

Now back to Human Centipede. Oh yes SIS I am going to lament on this for a while. I encourage people to watch the Trailer. If you are as interested in Psychopaths as me then it is best that you watch it. Maybe if you are interested in Psychopaths and Horror you can watch the entire movie. I am not a horror fan but suspense is my fan. Hell I will force you to watch the trailer (well not force but give you easy access to it):

Yes that was some fucked up mind raping right there. However I am fascinated by Psychopaths, Sociopaths and persons with Antisocial personality disorders. That is why I am doing that for my Abnormal Psych class project. Mad crazy aint it!!! Well After watching Fear and having to pull information from the recesses of my mind about the book that i have to read and the movies I have watched about Psychopaths.

But to let you know now, Psychopaths are not just the people who kill and deform people it could be the person who you interact with everyday and they constantly lie about things and do random shit to disappoint you!



P.S. I might do a blog on just R&R (Rock and Roll)
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